After a long weekend adventure, the next morning can feel a little rough. We’ve all been there. Our friends at Haggard Pirate have built a brand surrounding the concept of spending days on the ocean – fishing and drinking beer until the sun goes down, partying into the night, and rallying the next day to do it all over again. Looking haggard like a pirate has become their lifestyle and the momentum for creating the Haggard Pirate clothing brand.

With a shared passion for the open waters, fishing and cold beer, we’re stoked to announce our collaboration with Haggard Pirate on three new graphic tee designs combining our two worlds.

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Cold beer, good times and fresh fish

“There are two ways to fish, and we represent the fun side of fishing. Being a haggard pirate is about having fun on the water, drinking beer with friends and being passionate about fishing.” – Jake Scarbrough, Haggard Pirate Owner

When you respect the ocean, it provides you with all you need

“We spent our summers fishing Catalina Island and our winters in our own backyard getting pounded in the shore break by the North West swells,” said Jake. “Everything we knew of in life revolved around the ocean. When we were not in the water we were working in the back of our parents local surf shop. With a professional surfer for a mother and a fisherman for a father, we were raised with a passion for extreme water sports and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

First time for everything

Working with 805 Beer was a no-brainer and we’re stoked with how the tee designs turned out. This collab was the perfect blend – combining our worlds of fishing and beer,” added Jake.

We hope you like the limited-release tee designs as much as we do. These shirts and other gear are available at our retail locations and online webstore. Shop now before they sell out.