Speed has always been in Tyler Bereman’s blood. “I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for him,” he says of his grandfather, Captain Ron, who put him on two wheels in the first place. “He’s provided an insane life for his family. All I can do is make him proud.”

The House That Built Me is our documentary on Tyler Bereman. The film highlights his small-town origins in Templeton, on the Central Coast of California, where he grew up surrounded by bikes. A lethal combination of style, speed, and the most precise bit of technical prowess, all baked in to produce what is the epitome of a well-rounded athlete that Tyler is today. But he didn’t do it all on his own. Tyler’s grandfather and father poured their lives into his success. It’s under their watchful eye Tyler’s became a name in every moto conversation. Featuring interviews with industry legends including Robbie Maddison and Jeremy Twitch Stenberg, the film unearths who Tyler really is and all the people and events that have shaped his path along the way.

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