We’re stoked to release the third run of limited-edition cans. Introducing the “Fastpack” featuring four distinct can designs in collaboration with the moto fanatics known as Fasthouse.

The 805 Fastpack is a tribute to the Fasthouse way of life, providing a new collectible offering for fans of 805 Beer. Each of the four cans is designed to tell a story and give the vibe of both 805 and Fasthouse. The Fastpack will be available starting this week, anywhere 805 beer is sold. Available in 6 pack, 12 pack and 18 pack can formats.

“That is a badass f%$*ing can and the beer’s even better inside. – Kenny Alexander, Fasthouse

Fasthouse is a band of brothers bringing back what motocross used to be…cool, wild and free. A throwback to “When Rules Were Few” and a time when only the simple things mattered.

The Fastpack was created as a tribute to the unique and amazing creators and riders at Fasthouse. The Fasthouse crew is a band of brothers with a passion for dirt bikes and vintage motorcycles. They are cut from a different cloth and like the generations before them live under the mantra of “When Rules Were Few.”

805 Beer has partnered with Fasthouse since day one and we’ve been a family ever since. Both teams worked together coming up with the four unique can designs featured in the limited-edition FastPack.

We think 805 and Fasthouse fans alike will dig the new designs and be stoked for future collabs to come.

It’s never been easier to get 805 Beer – make sure the fridge is stocked at all times, nothing worse than running out of beer. Fasthouse rider Ricky Diaz knows the feeling when you go to grab a cold one and the fridge is empty… Watch the film and follow Ricky’s journey through Los Angeles to get his hands on the new limited edition 805 Fastpack.

We’re going to do whatever we want and if you’re cool with it you’re cool with it and if you’re not, we’re still going to do the thing.

— Fasthouse Riders

Day in the Dirt: A Party with a Racing Problem

805 Beer teamed up with Fasthouse to throw down at the fastest party in town known as Day in the Dirt presented by Red Bull. Despite damp, cold weather and a variety of conditions, racers and spectators gather at Glen Helen Raceway every year for the annual event. Day in the Dirt is hailed as a weekend party with a racing problem. Take a quick journey into the event through the eyes of Fasthouse rider, Ricky Diaz.
Fasthouse riders like the have a good time, live life, have fun and kill it. “I can just let go, put your middle fingers up with a smile and let it roll.”