805 is driven by the lifestyle and ethos of the people from California’s Central Coast, the Authenticos are free-spirited and rooted in rugged individualism. As 805 expanded beyond our humble upbringings we connected with so many others that were cut from the same cloth. 805 has become an expression of these people and to all of those who share that same spirit and enjoy our beer.

We’re excited to release a new, limited run of limited-edition cans. Same light, refreshing blonde ale inside, just a new exterior featuring some of our friends and 805 Authenticos.

This limited-edition pack was created as a tribute to some of these unique and amazing people. This collection features the dirt bike madness of Fasthouse, the lowrider cruisers known as Deadend, talented underground surfboard shaper Joe Yee, and then we rounded out the collection with Born Free, one of our favorite events in California.

Get to know 805 Authenticos, Juan and Jesus Espinoza, brothers who started Deadend Magazine, featured in the Limited Edition Can Series No. 001.
The Born Free Sportsman’s Cup | Joe Yee, Shaper