Cómo is dice, wildcard?

That’s right, our own 805 Authentico and right-hand point-hacking legend Lakey Peterson has already touched down in Surf City Sur and is ready for the WSL’s El Salvador Pro.

Things will get interesting at 7:00 AM MDT today, June 6th, when the contest kicks off. As of this moment, she’s already surfed in the opening round and is slotted to match up against Hawaiian Gabriela Bryan in Heat Three of the Elimination Round. The waves are pumping, and it is can’t miss surfing.

And for those unaware of what El Salvador has in store, imagine perfect point break right-handers, board short weather, and the sort of environment that calls for a cold one once the sun hits the horizon.

Having trouble imagining? Well, you’re in luck, because you can watch it all live right here.

El Salvador sports the sort of spots you would draw on lined paper when you weren’t paying attention in high school algebra. Yes, It’s that good. The waves are the sort even the most high-performance surfers need some extra ice from the cooler after they’re done for cooling off. It’s all live, and you can watch it all live right here or at the WorldSurfLeague dot com now.

Also, keep up on our socials for all the up-to-date happenings with Lakey and our greater surf crew. Nos vemos pronto.