The custom classic took an entire year to build. We received a ton of entries from multiple states with excited fans eager to win this vehicle.

Before announcing the winner, we sat down with Matt Noble of Noble Fabrication to talk through the build.


How 805 came up with the idea:

We try and come up with cool items and experiences to giveaway every year to keep our fans engaged and tell a deeper story about our Authenticos. In the past, we’ve given away everything from surfboards, snowboards and rolling coolers to guided fishing trips.

When brainstorming ideas, we wanted to take our sweepstakes to the next level and thought about giving away a car. From the initial idea, we brainstormed types of cars, and decided to do a custom build with the best builder in the business, Matt Noble.

Why this type of car?

We thought about a few different types of cars to custom build but landed on the ’49 Chevy. We new our customer base would think the truck looks sick with it’s cool stance, and struck the same cord with the audience. Watch the 4-part series following the build with Matt and his crew on our YouTube channel.

Biggest challenge tied to the build?

Matt Noble and his team are pros. They are used to building custom cars so we knew the ’49 Chevy was in great hands. Matt explains that the biggest challenge with the build was staying on the timeline. We had an idea of when we wanted to start promoting the giveaway, so Matt needed to plan out all the details for the build to make sure it was ready to drive off his garage floor mid-2020.

People have no idea what it takes to make an old car brand new. Lots of man-hours and tiny details.


Did 805 want to keep it?

Absolutely. It’s an amazing car and of course, we thought about keeping it for ourselves to tour it around, and show off at events… but we also wanted to give something away of this magnitude and provide someone with a life-changing opportunity.

It’s a nice truck, hope the winner enjoys it.