Ryan R-Dog Howard carries style and steeze through mountain biking like no other. Growing up in Aptos, California afforded him the opportunity to ride some of the best trails on offer.  His mastery in all disciplines of bike prove his enduring love for all things two wheels.  From dirt jumping and throwing massive airs, downhill domination through the loam and roots of Santa Cruz, trail riding, or just picking up the shovel and getting after it, R-Dog has a grin from ear to ear wherever he goes.

R-Dog is in it for the fun but doesn’t shy away from winning competitions.  He’s know for throwing ridiculous whips, backed up by his wins at Crankworx Europe and New Zealand Whip-offs.  Outside of the contest world he’s known for dropping insane video parts with the likes of Fasthouse, TREK Bikes and others.

The charismatic, hilarious and humble R-Dog is a rad guy to be around and crack a couple cold ones with after hitting the jumps.