Nestled amongst the rolling hills and fields of Santa Maria, California, lies a boxing gym tucked off the main stretch. Inside, Karlos Balderas pounds away on the heavy bag, prepping for his next fight. Boxing is deeply engrained in the Balderas family. Karlos’ father and uncle boxed early on after coming to the United States. The family began dedicating everything to Karlos’ career after realizing the raw talent he had at a young age.

That dedication paid off when Karlos worked his way to representing the United States in boxing and becoming the pride of Santa Maria. Karlos had forged a path for young kids all across Santa Maria, giving them someone to look up to- someone who’d made their dreams a reality through hard work.

Relentless and motivated- two words to describe the young prodigy from the Central Coast. With his father right by his side every step of the way, whispering sage advice with each movement and punch, they continue to work together to face whatever challenge comes next. Fighting for more than fame, Karlos is carrying the pride of Santa Maria on his shoulders. We can’t wait to watch who he squares up to next.