Jade Jackson was born and raised in the small central coast town of Santa Margarita.  Family and music have always been the center of her life.  As a young girl, her father was always playing songwriter-heavy records in the home.  Both the family restaurant that she worked at and the house had a guitar accessible at all times.

Her passion for songwriting and performing was developed over time through the persistent support of her father, who saw something special in her from a young age.  As a naturally introverted person, Jade had a hard time expressing herself artistically at first- but her dad saw how talented she was even when she couldn’t see it herself.

Now the stage is where Jade feels most at home and where she’s able to share lyrically crafted stories with her fans.  Growing up legally blind, she had to rely on her sense of sound to experience the world around her, which has translated into a deep passion and commitment to playing and singing.  Whatever show she may be playing this week, you can be sure to find her dad on the other side of the stage supported the dream he saw in his daughter.