Gillian Larson was always around horses at her home in the canyons of Southern California. Her passion for exploring the outdoors on horseback, and the freedom and independence it brings, was only natural. Since her childhood, she has pursued riding with relentless vigor and curiosity, covering more than 10,000 miles in the backcountry in the process.

Journeys like the Continental Divide, Pacific Crest Trail, Arizona Trail, and the Colorado Trail — Gillian’s ridden them all on her own, with only the company of her horses. When she is not riding horses and tackling the backcountry, she leads trips through the mountains and canyons, or trains horses to be able to take on similar feats.

“I love the scenic vistas that you only really experience getting into the backcountry,” Gillian said. “And California has some of the most stunning natural wilderness areas anywhere in the world.”

This passion and dedication to getting out and creating a life that is uniquely Gillian are what draws us to her.