Frank Zummo is a class example of working hard to make your dreams a reality. After attending a stadium rock show as a young boy, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Fast-forward through a decorated career in Crewel, Street Drum Corps, and most recently Sum 41, Frank found himself playing stadiums and venues around the world with his childhood heroes.

Sit down over a beer with Frank and you’ll quickly figure out what makes him tick. He’s relentlessly dedicated to his craft. Years of hard work have fostered his dreams into reality and he’s not slowing down any time soon. Amidst a life of traveling the world and playing for thousands, Frank still finds time to give back to the music community through the School of Rock project. His love for drumming is contagious and his work ethic pales many musicians. Catch a show with Frank and you can’t help but feel his passion for drumming in every beat.