For over 25 years, Eric has been creating traditional tattoos in various locations across the United States. Located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, Eric can be found working upstairs at True West Tattoo. The shop has a charming and well-curated atmosphere that reflects Eric’s passion for western culture, fishing, vintage bikes, and bad ass tattoos. True West Tattoo feels like a home away from home for those who appreciate Eric’s unique style and talents.

The individual expression of your tattoo collection rides on the artist you choose. Developing personal relationships with the shops and artist that have a core respect for the art form is key.
For us, there is nobody better than Eric.

The way your tattoo collection reflects your individuality is determined by the artist you select. Building strong connections with tattoo shops and artists who deeply appreciate the craft is essential. When it comes to choosing the best, Eric is unmatched in our eyes.

Saddle up and get inked by Eric, where you’ll encounter a down-to-earth and authentic vibe. The talks run deep and the fridge is constantly stocked.