Austin Neumann is a professional surfer, multi-hyphenate athlete, and small town-kid from Pismo Beach, California. A product of the Central Coast, Austin loves to be outdoors and is always looking for a new adventure. He surfs, he bikes, he camps, and he reminds us of just how much there is to go out and do in the slice of California we call home.

He only started surfing at the ripe age of 14, when his parents moved to the beach. Despite that, it only took him three years to start finding finishes in the top five of the Western Surfing Association. Not bad for a kid who had only learned to wax up a board briefly before.

Austin continues to rack up good results, and on boards he shapes himself, no less. And when he’s not surfing, you can find him biking, camping, or simply enjoying life. It’s Austin’s penchant for balancing a can-do attitude with a laid-back demeanor that draws us to him.