805 Authentico Tyler Bereman got his passion for motocross honestly–both his father and grandfather were riding for decades before he got on his first bike. That shared passion strengthened the father-son relationships in the Bereman family, and that family support is largely what Tyler attributes his successes to.

Tyler’s father, Randy Bereman, told us about how his dad, “Captain” Ron, fostered the love for bikes in his family. “Captain Ron used to trail ride and race motorcycles when I was born, and he pass this passion for two wheels along to me,” he said. “We’d go racing two to three times a week in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Captain Ron was a member of the Salinas Ramblers Motorcycle club, and we’d trail ride at Clear Creek as much as possible. So, when Tyler was born, you can guess what happened. We started racing and trail riding together, and it has led us to this point.”

“Our bond is closer than ever thanks to motorcycles.”

— Randy Bereman

In the early 2000s, Captain Ron had built a race bike for Randy and gifted it to him. It was a second bike for him, so he lent it to a friend to race at an event in Salinas. It suffered significant damage during the race, and had sat unridden for nearly 15 years when Randy and Tyler started talking about making it back into a race bike. After Captain Ron’s passing in the summer of 2020, Tyler realized this bike was an opportunity to gift something meaningful to his dad.

“Tyler reached out to some industry folks,” Randy explained, “and he got it all back together to surprise me with at his movie premiere at Blackmore Ranch.”

We were lucky enough to be there to capture the moment Tyler surprised him with the bike. Watch along in the video below.

This wasn’t just any gift. “This was pretty special to me that Tyler wanted to do something special to honor me and my father,” Randy told us. “It reaffirms that we tried to raise him right, to build relationships with people and companies, and to try to give back to the sport and be humble.”

From all of us at 805, happy Father’s Day. And Randy’s recommendation? “Crack open a frosty 805 and enjoy your day!”

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